3 Week Bench Press Shock Program

program Feb 16, 2021

This program is designed for those who have been training hard for a new bench PR but just can't seem to get over the hump!

In just 3 weeks we will look to change that! This program will help shock your body into new growth!

It combines 3 elements which I believe will be critically important to your success

1. Deload - In your efforts to achieve a new bench PR, you've probably been burning the candle pretty hot. Trying a lot of new things, adding volume, increasing frequency, benching heavier, you name it! In that hot pursuit you have probably accumulated a lot of fatigue. This deload will help rest your body and heal your nervous system

2. Pausing - Pausing is super important! Not just for sport specific practice (powerlifting pause), but to develop strength where it's most necessary... off the chest! Developing more tension in the bottom position is something that will serve your bench well!

3. Singles - At the root of it all, we want to get better at our 1RM performance! Not how many reps we can do, but how much weight we can lift for one rep. Performing a single can be very unique from performing reps from a technical standpoint. This program will give you plenty of heavy singles practice

I invite you to try the 3 week shock challenge! If you can gain 5+ lbs and email me at [email protected], I will send you a prize for your hard work!

Program Rules

  • No secondary bench work 
  • Back accessories after every bench session 
  • 2-3 high rep tricep movements after each bench (15-20 reps)
  • 100 banded face pulls per day
  • MUST stick to percentages


Week 1 - Deload

Rules: 1 bench session. Must stay under 60% of 1RM. Perform 3-5 sets of 3-5 reps. Back work is unlimited however I recommend 1-2 additional sessions of light upper back targeted work.


Week 2

Session 1 Rules: strict 3 second pause on chest

3x3 @ 75%, 2x2 @ 80-83%, 1x1 @ 87%

Session 2 Rules: strict competition pause on chest

3x3 @ 80%, 2x2 @ 83-85%, 1x1 @ 90%


Week 3

Session 1 Rules: strict competition pause on chest

4x1 @ 83%, 4x1 @ 85%, 2x1 @ 90%, 1x1 @ 100% w/ Slingshot (optional)

Session 2 Rules: perform after 4-5 days rest

Retest Max Bench


Send Before / After Results

to [email protected] to receive a prize! (must PR by 5+ lbs min.)

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