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Easy to read programming, instruction, and analytics! Tracking progress has never been so easy with our coaching program!

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Cliche but true! Our coaching experience provides a true team atmosphere and support. We become stronger together!

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Jeff Johnson

 "Coach Ben shows up for your competition, he puts all his effort into helping you, and truly goes above and beyond other programs I have seen!"

Trey Villarreal


“Coach and the team cared about me and my well being. Really the entire experience has changed my entire mindset on online coaching”

Adam Bell 


"All 3 lifts are moving up and I'm shooting to exceed my best equipped lifts in raw competition!"

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What can you expect with our online coaching service?

  • Coaching Designed For You (specialized programming with frequent adjustments through app)
  • Professional Service (Timely program delivery every 4 weeks & accessible coaching) 
  • Injury Free Long Term Success (Training that will sustain incremental progress over time)
  • Expert Communication (Receive detailed feedback on your training within 2-3 days through app)
  • One Size Fits All Approach (Here is a general template, have at it)
  • Unprofessional Service (Waiting on programming, coach isn't accessible for questions)
  • Short Term Progress Then Injury (Train as hard as possible, make progress, but then get hurt)
  • Poor Communication (general feedback via text, or vague weekly check ins)
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Athlete Testimonials

Mike Fraser 40+ lb Bench Success

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On our coaching call we'll go over how our program will help you achieve your goals! I will lay out how we structure programming, the coaching process, and check ins. Bring any questions you may have to the call!

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