Benching doesn't have to be a struggle any longer! Learn the proper way to bench press and techniques to make you a stronger lifter. Coach Ben has benched over 600 lbs multiple times in competition and has coached lifters across all levels. Join Team Big Benchas and make lifting fun again and most importantly, become stronger in the gym, on the platform, and in life!


Online Coaching 

No matter where you live you can still join the team and get the coaching you need! Majority of team members are distance clients and they all achieve outstanding results. Constant communication and continuing revisions to each program make the learning process and strength gains seamless! Coach Ben will change the way you approach Bench Pressing!


Powerlifting Meet Prep

As a 198 lb multiply lifter, Coach Ben has been able to amass a 1900 lb total, 2.97x bodyweight bench, and a Top 10 ranking in the country. Learn and apply the techniques that contributed to this success and dominate at your next powerlifting meet! Whether you're looking to hit a big total, make a 25+ lb weight cut, or just need a coach present at the meet, I have you covered in all phases of the game! You just sit back and relax, having a coach makes things stress free! 

Recovery Services 

Coach Ben is Certified in Fascial Stretch Therapy and Reflexive Performance Reset. He has worked on numerous athletes in and out of the powerlifting realm, including the all time world record holder Larry Williams. Our recovery membership is designed to teach you the unbelievable benefits of stretching and how it can secretly make you a better lifter! The effects are profound. Get the guidance you need to recover quicker and stay injury free!

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Apparel Line

From our logo shirts to our popular Leg Bench, and Back Bench T's, lifters love our apparel! Our shirts are all extremely soft and comfortable, and best of all our apparel is affordable. You have full control of customization. From shirts, hoodies, jackets, to sweatpants and more! You pick the color and the logo you'd like on your item! Also look out for apparel giveaways on our Instagram and Facebook accounts! 

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We offer a TON of free educational content through our Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and Bench Blog. If you watch our videos on benching you will become a better lifter! Bench Clinics are also being held throughout the year. Learn everything you need about bench pressing at our live clinics. From warm up's and exercise demos, to hands on lifting and programming tips, we cover it all! Learning is a constant process, the greats never stop!  

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Dominate The Bench Press

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Whats Included?

- 20 Bench Pressing Cues

- 3 Program Templates

- Benching Mistakes To Avoid

- Bench Press Q&A

- Picture Illustration