1. Really awesome.

    Nick is an awesome coach who can help you no matter where you are in the world. Through following the program I saw results pretty quickly. When sending him videos, he was quick and prompt with his re…Read More

    — Josh Pywell
  2. Thank you Big Benchas and Coach Ben!!!

    I started 6 weeks ago with around a 330-335 lb Bench and maybe a 140-150 lbs Overhead Press. After trying to get my strength back to where it was before my shoulder injury I kept hitting walls and cou…Read More

    - Jason Polonsky
  3. Can’t thank Ben enough!

    I’ve been battling back from injury for about 3 - 4 months now, committed to getting back on the platform. I’m often discouraged at how much strength I lost in the last two years of surgeries and …Read More

    — Jason Polonsky
  4. Thanks again!

    When I decided to do this meet I had a goal of a 1300 lb total. Benny believed we could reach that goal and then some. I’ve had programming before and it was nothing like this. The constant support …Read More

    — Jason Roath
  5. I can’t thank him enough for his guidance.

    When I first met Nick, I can honestly say that I had never lifted anything heavy in my life. Two months later I’m a world champion, hold 2 RPS world records for deadlift and squat and I have an amaz…Read More

    — Justin Klenosky, RPS Masters World Record Holder
  6. Tremendous help.

    I have been working with Benny since I decided to get into powerlifting from a functional fitness background. He has been a tremendous help in keeping me focused and progressing to achieve my goals. I…Read More

    — Sean Queller, Owner Mt. Sinai Crossfit
  7. The programming has been awesome.

    The programming has been awesome. Took a little to address some issues but I felt like they have been attacked quickly by constant revisions. Benny’s online coaching style has changed my views on on…Read More

    — Patrick Mackey
  8. Great coaching and programs.

    Before I got on Nick’s program I maxed out on Bench at 95 lbs, Deadlift at 205 lbs, and Squat at 155 lbs. With the help of Nick’s great coaching and programs those numbers soon became my warm up w…Read More

    — Daniel Ramsey, Easthampton High School Basketball
  9. I would recommend him to anyone!

    When Nick first became my coach I was four weeks out from my second powerlifting meet and could not touch anything above 225 lbs on the squat. My coach at the time and I could not figure out why I was…Read More

    — Jordan Burt, Nationally Ranked Powerlifter, RPS Teen Record Holder
  10. I’m glad to call him my friend.

    I started working out again at 34 years old after a long lay off. Focusing on the 3 major lifts I had immediate success with my deadlift and always felt confident with that specific lift. I was shocke…Read More

    — Gregory Nardone, Competitive Powerlifter, Father & Husband