Online Powerlifting Training &

Bench Press Coaching

Nick Benerakis is a strength coach at Gaglione Strength in Long Island New York. Home to numerous nationally ranked powerlifters and some of New York’s top athletic talent. In addition Nick is certified in Fascial Stretch Therapy, helping athletes move and feel better while staying healthy and injury free. Nick is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts Amherst with a bachelors degree in exercise science. He is a nationally ranked powerlifter himself in the 198 lb weight class with a 1900 lb total which ranked 8th in the country. He also has a 705 lb Bench Press to his name. Nick specializes in coaching powerlifting but also takes pride in showing lifters how to take care of their bodies through routine stretching and myofascial release techniques.

Coach Ben takes a hands on approach to online coaching. He is fully invested in helping you reach your desired goals.

When you join the team you will be set up on our online coaching platform. You will receive an extensive, carefully thought out training program designed to make you a stronger, more technical, and confident lifter. We will communicate on a daily basis about the weeks training. Videos can be submitted for technique review. With Big Benchas online coaching you will never feel left in the dark, you always have an experienced coach by your side who is willing to be there for you when needed. As a thank you for joining the team, first time clients always receive a free shirt of their choice and training journal! Email Coach Ben today to join our growing team of lifters!

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Elite Coaching Package

($60 Savings!) *3 Month Commitment Required ($125 Without Commitment)


  • 4 Weeks Individualized Powerlifting Program (All 3 Lifts)
  • FREE Big Benchas T Shirt (New Team Members)
  • Powerlifting Meet Prep and In Person Coaching
  • Video Analysis of Lifting Technique
  • Access To Powerlifting Team Group
With Big Benchas Online Coaching You Can Expect To See:
  • New Gains in Strength
  • New Powerlifting Meet Bests
  • Immediate Improvement in Lifting Technique
  • Improved Confidence In Training And Life
  • Supportive Team of Talented Lifters
  • Individual Hands On Attention

Elite Coaching Package

Personal Bench Training Experience

(Train Privately at Big Benchas HQ  – Melville, New York, US)

  • 1.5 – 2 Hours of Private 1 on 1 Bench Training With Coach Ben
  • Designed To Teach You All You Need In One Session!
  • 3 Weeks Of Continued Online Coaching To Ensure New Technique Sticks
  • Free T Shirt Included!
  • Free Training Journal Included!
  • Learn Bench Press Technique From The Ground Up
  • This Session Promises To Deliver Drastic Improvements In Technique

Bench Training Experience

Team Coaching Membership

With this coaching option you will experience all similar benefits as the Elite Coaching Package at a lower cost! You will gain access to our private Team Group and will join our online coaching system. Here you will be given a personal page to post questions, comments, and training video. Programming is not included and video technique analysis are limited


  • Access To Big Benchas Private Team Group
  • 1 Comprehensive Video Analysis Per Week
  • Access Coach Ben For 1 On 1 Online Instruction
  • Weekly Check Ins And Consultations
  • FREE Shirt After 3 Months As A Member

Team Coaching Membership

Powerlifting Nutrition Planning & Consulting

Like many sports, powerlifting demands an incredible amount out of your body! You’re in a constant state of breakdown and are always playing catch up in terms of recovery. Many of us despite our best efforts to get optimal rest, just cannot fit a picture perfect 8 hours of restless sleep into our hectic schedules. Where can we help make up some of that slack? Through proper nutrition!

This is why I have enlisted the expert assistance of Coach Ron Latorre to provide nutrition services for our team athletes. Learn which foods will boost your strength and performance within the first two weeks! Develop better eating habits, learn to make meal prep easy, learn to love proper nutrition again! Ron gears his nutrition plans directly towards a powerlifter’s common goal of getting stronger while losing or gaining weight!


  • Work Hands On With Precision Nutrition Expert Coach Ron Latorre
  • Receive an Individualized Comprehensive Nutrition Plan
  • Nutrition Consulting & Planning Geared Towards Powerlifters!
  • High Performance Food Guide
  • Weekly Check Ins And Consultations
  • FREE Big Benchas T Shirt (For New Members)
With Big Benchas Nutrition Consulting You Can Expect To See:
  • New Strength Increases
  • More Energy Throughout The Day
  • Increase in Lean Body Mass
  • Significant Decrease In Body Fat
  • Improved Mood & Motivation
  • Drastically Increase Recovery Potential!



Programs are designed to fit your lifestyle and goals. Training shouldn’t be a chore and we won’t make it one. Special programs are available for Powerlifting Meet Prep, and Raw & Equipped Bench Pressing.