Larry Williams – All Time Powerlifting 242 lb Record Holder
Ray Williams – 1052 lb Squat World Record Holder

What is FST™?

It is a manual therapy method that combines different therapeutic practices into one very effective approach to enhance range of motion in the body. FST™ is more than just stretching muscles, it targets the entire fascial nets within the body as well as the joint capsules, which is a piece many practices are missing.

What is required of you?

Nothing but lending your body to relaxation upon the therapy table and allowing myself, the practitioner, to gently stretch you. It is a very freeing experience in which you will feel tissue tightness slowly melt away.

What will this therapy do for you?

You will drastically reduce muscular tension within the body, allowing you to move and feel better. As a result many aches and pains will likely disappear within a few sessions. With your new range of motion you will develop a greater sense of body awareness and improve your posture. The greatest benefit of all for you is the major performance benefits you will see within your sport and daily activity, not to mention a big decrease in injury potential.

FST™ Packages

Private FST™ available. Can travel to various locations. Please contact coachben@bigbenchas.com for more details

Single Session: Half Hour $50/Full Hour $100
Bi Weekly: 2 Sessions (30 Min)/Month $90 ($45/Session – $10 Savings!)
Month Package: 4 Sessions (30 Min) $160 ($40/Session – $40 Savings!)
3 Month Package: 12 Sessions (30 Min) $420 ($35/Session – $180 Savings!!)

Packages Include

  • Regularly Scheduled FST™ Session
  • Personalized Home Stretching Routine
  • Picture Assessment Every 4 Months
  • FREE GIFT with referral for FST™ Package

Email coachben@bigbenchas.com to schedule an initial assessment and get started today!

Recurring Package Options

Single Session

Reflexive Performance Reset

RPR™ resets the body out of survival mode and into performance mode! Compensation patterns are the main cause of every day aches and pains that limit performance. Utilizing specialized wake up drills™, we can shift your body out of these patterns and reduce pain, increase flexibility and help your body become more resilient to injury!

RPR™ is a service that is included in our FST™ package. The two therapies work hand in hand in delivering you the best possible performance benefits! Expect a major decrease in the risk for injury and a huge upgrade in strength!