1. Off-Season Mindset Shift

    I always tell lifters, when you transition to meet prep to off-season training, that's when the mindset needs to shift from seeing numbers increase to…Read More

  2. Cue For Upper Back Tightness

    Slide your rear delts towards your hips! This is a great cue to help with that upper back tightness on the Bench. This is often the area most lifters …Read More

  3. Push Through Your Shoe!

    🔥 PUSH YOUR FOOT THROUGH YOUR SHOE 🔥 Another great way to look at horizontal leg drive and the action of pushing away from the floor is to think…Read More

  4. Failure Leads To Success!

    Don't be afraid of failure! Through my many failures it has only served to help me grow. I embrace failures because that's how I learn! Failures set y…Read More

  5. Close Grip Bench Press Tips

    CLOSE GRIP BENCH TIPS Two important things here! One is keeping the joints stacked. With a closer grip that means having to touch lower than usual. Th…Read More