1. Blaine Sumner Bench Cue

    BLAINE SUMNER BENCH CUE Very excited to share this concept with all of you! It has been a huge gamechanger for our athletes! I need to give credit whe…Read More

  2. Jen Thompson Bench Cue

    This is a fantastic cue I've heard around the grapevine from Jen Thompson who came down for a seminar at the gym The cue was "Pinky Crush" the bar. Yo…Read More

  3. Gripping The Bar On Bench

    This is actually something I see lifters struggle with quite often. It's not something that gets a lot of attention, and that's where do you place the…Read More

  4. Teaching Bench To A Beginner

    Sometimes the hardest thing to do as a coach is scaling back to teach a complete beginner a movement. They don't know any terms, they have zero expect…Read More

  5. Arching On The Bench

    ARCHING ON THE BENCH Is it bad for you? Unlike with a squat or a deadlift where you have axial loads, bench pressing is different. Arching is perfectl…Read More