1. Disregard to set up. The set up process for the bench is what will keep you pressing injury free for a long time and instantly add weight to your Bench! This should be where you spend your most time learning and most time executing

2. Not creating tightness. What do you see happening when most lifters start to fail a rep? The feet start flailing! This is a sure fire sign that there was no tightness there. Whichever stance you prefer, feet back or feet flat, make sure you’re staying tight and locked down to that bench. Pretend you’re benching in a hurricane.

3. Benching for a new max too often. Instead of thinking how much your 1 rep increased in 3-4 weeks, start making the change to the long game. Start testing your new max every 4-6 months, even a year! I’m fascinated with lifters having an impulse to always test their max. All their doing is putting themselves at risk for injury and delaying progress they could be making

If you’re struggling with your bench and you fall into any of these mistake categories, shoot me a message and I will do my best to help you out. My business is all about creating stronger, more technical, and confident bench pressers

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