This whole concept came about by lifters fighting my handoff. I would try and put them in a spot where they could travel in a more direct line to their touch point. They didn’t feel comfortable there however.

I asked myself, why is it that they are struggling with guiding the bar out further? What are they feeling? What are they engaging?

It Is because they are dominating with their shoulders, not loading with the lats!!

When you try to dominate the take out process with your shoudlers, you won’t feel comfortable traveling out with the bar. You’re anchoring with your shoulders and the bar feels like it’s going to fall towards your belly

When you learn to load into your lats and bend under the bar, you can now take that bar out further and create a more efficient descent in the bench. It’s really a switch in which muscle groups your engaging Working in the slingshot against bands. Great tool to practice the equipped benching groove and get some top end training in

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