Why would I show you a video of me pressing the empty bar? Because there’s a lot of hidden value here

I’m big on putting 100% effort into every bench attempt. Doesn’t matter if it’s an empty bar or 600 lbs. You should always move the bar with 100% intent

Too many lifters move the empty bar like a sloth! It’s 45 lbs! It better move fast. Huge pet peeve of mine on the bench

The other huge takeaway, and the reason I made this video is the direction of the leg drive. You should be pushing OFF the bench, not INTO the bench. The difference is stability vs actually putting some leg drive into the bar

I demonstrate this by what happens when I press an empty bar! You’ll see that my body flys back on the Bench. Why? Because there’s not enough weight yet to hold me down. If I was driving into the pad I wouldn’t move. Because I’m pushing OFF the pad, I fly back. I only do one full rep with the bar before I’m out of position

What seems silly at first, actually carries a good learning experience

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