Using these exercises will ensure you lock out even the heaviest weights!

Close Grip Board Press

This is probably my favorite of all lockout, tricep, exercises. It is as specific as it gets to full range benching. Everything remains the same except your working in that specific lockout range. If you choose the correct board height you can really isolate the triceps big time. Keeping it close grip hits the triceps even harder and I even like to do these false grip as well

Check out this exercise below!

Floor Press w/ Chains

Floor press is another one of these partial exercises that hit the triceps hard and build a strong lockout. With additional chain weight added to the bar, you get a real strong kick at lockout. You’re handling the most weight at the top and if you set it up correctly, you can get a full deload of chain weight on the bottom. I like performing these with the axle bar especially because it take away from your ability to grip the bar hard. Performing these false grip as well helps keep the tension right where it needs to be

Check it out!

Bench Against Bands

Benching against bands is as difficult as you make it. If you rig up the band tension right you can really make it kick hard at the top. This not only trains lockout but that extra final punch you need to really lockout fully, something we typically don’t pay attention to

Love using these with boards, as well as a slingshot for equipped lifters. Using a slingshot against bands is a great way to really nail the equipped benching groove

Pin Press

Pin Presses are brutal but a ton of fun! Just be careful with these as you don’t go too heavy for too long and really beat up on your joints. What makes these so great is you’re starting from a dead stop. So you’re pressing without the addition of the stretch reflex.

I love playing round with pin heights. Start higher up one week and work your way down in pins over 3-4 weeks. These are great to use close grip as well

There you have my main go to exercises for lockout strength! Yes only 4 exercises! I will work these in cycles and add variations. You don’t need a bunch of fancy smoke and mirrors, just a few bread and butter exercises that work well for you. I can do all the lockout training I need cycle after cycle with these 4 exercises right here

Try these out and let me know what you think!

– Coach Ben