Many might have heard benchers such as Eric Spoto express leg drive as a continuum as you approach your chest with the bar. It starts out as 50% with the legs, 70%, 90%, and as you reach the chest, 100% leg drive to press the bar. While I understand the concept of that, I dont like to teach this in the same fashion.

Lifters cant afford to think in 50% effort. Instead I teach it as constant leg drive. If you had to assign value to it, I say to apply 100% leg drive while it our descending with the bar, and think 120% when you go to press. Theres always more in reserve but you need to find it down deep. Theres too much value in having full capacity of your leg drive from the start to think in terms of 50% effort

I find more times than not, this ends up putting most lifters in some type of heaving pattern. Something that is not displayed by the same great benchers Eric Spoto or Kirill Sarychev. This is definitely a great video to watch so make sure to visit our youtube to see it in its entirety.

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