It’s no secret that the @bandbell Earthquake Bar is one of my favorite training tools there is and has been instrumental in my success. I use it on a weekly basis! But what happens when you get so proficient at it that you just can’t keep up with the weight?

You don’t need to go heavier and heavier! This is 35 lbs on each end. This is nothing for a 450 lb bencher like @nickwheelz but we lit him up with what I call a HELL set. Pretty much throwing every variable at him trying to trip him up. RANDOM pauses, holds, tempos throughout the range offers a unique challenge that can be difficult for even the strongest bencher.

The key here is RANDOM. Reacting to an outside stimulus.

This is my favorite way to use this bar. Don’t have to go terribly heavy. Keeping the reps high. And a lot of great random variables thrown in. Thanks to the guys over at @kettlegryp who I met at this past Arnold Classic for providing an awesome tool to change your dumbbells into kettlebells. Works great with this bar!

Coach Ben


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