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The BBA was created to provide you with the best bench press and training advice possible! The BBA is a resource, training program, and community. See below all the Better Benching Academy has to offer!

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All BBA members can access our Big Benchas training programs in app! Simply log into the app and begin training! Our programs have proven results, with lifter's gaining as much as 30 lbs to their bench in 6 weeks!

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Inside the academy you'll find access to over 100 exclusive members only videos. Our best training drills, cues, and coaching points at your fingertips! You'll also find full recaps of our Bench Clinics! 

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Full recaps and insights into Coach Ben and the teams training! Take away valuable training ideas you can implement into your routine!

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"We have a community of people who are very encouraging. Coach Ben shows a lot of great tips and drills to help you improve your bench press! Now my bench has went well over 300 lbs"!

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As a BBA member you will receive access to the Big Benchas Team Group on Facebook! Join a supportive community in which everyone shares the same goals of getting stronger and pursuing their personal best!

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Who Is Coach Ben?

Nick Benerakis or "Coach Ben" as many call him, is a professional powerlifting coach and competitive lifter. He founded Big Benchas in 2016 with the goal to provide high level online coaching and bench press education to lifters worldwide!

The Big Benchas brand is considered to be athlete's #1 resource for building a stronger bench press and learning to lift the smart way!

Coach Ben has been competing in powerlifting for nearly a decade with best lifts of an 800 lb squat, 820 lb bench, 580 lb deadlift, and 2120 lb total. He graduated from the University of Massachusetts in 2015


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