Nick Benerakis is a strength performance coach at Gaglione Strength in Long Island New York. Home to numerous nationally ranked powerlifters and some of New York's top athletic talent. In addition Nick is certified in Fascial Stretch Therapy, helping athletes move and feel better while staying healthy and injury free. Nick is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts Amherst with a bachelors degree in exercise science. He is a nationally ranked powerlifter himself in the 198 lb weight class with a 1830 lb total which ranks 12th in the country. He also has a 605 lb Bench Press to his name. Nick specializes in coaching powerlifting but also takes pride in showing clients how to take care of their bodies through routine stretching and myofascial release techniques

           Coach Benerakis takes a hands on approach to online coaching. He is fully invested in helping you reach your desired goals. You will receive an extensive carefully thought out training program as well as a comprehensive stretching routine as part of the coaching package. Communication will be constant and videos are asked to be sent for technique review. You will never feel left in the dark, you always have a coach by your side who is willing to be there for you when needed. As a thank you for joining the team, first time clients always receive free apparel of their choice. Look no further! Your ticket to newfound strength lies right before you, email us now!

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Elite Training Package - $100 ($60 Savings!) *3 Month Commitment required ($125 without Commitment)


  • 4 Weeks Individualized Strength Training Program
  • FREE Big Benchas T Shirt Of Choice For New Team Members
  • FREE Big Benchas Training Journal 
  • Coaching At Your Powerlifting Meet
  • Video Analyzing of Lifting Technique

** With your customized strength training program you can expect to see **

  • Increases in Strength & Power
  • Increase in Lean Body Mass 
  • Enhanced Training Recovery
  • Increased Athleticism
  • Improved Movement and Mobility
  • Excellent Work Capacity 

Single Personal Training Session (1 Hour) - $40 

  • Private In Person Training With Coach Ben
  • Get The Technique Advice You've Been Needing To Hear!
  • Spend Time On The Finer Details Of Bench Pressing
  • Overhaul Your Bench Press!
Personal Training

6 Week Full Power Program - $49.99 (Available in Store)

  • The Perfect Training Routine for Powerlifters, Athletes, and Strength Enthusiasts
  • Expect to Get Stronger!
  • 6 Weeks of Programming Including Major Lifts such as Squats, Bench, and Deadlifts
  • Can Be Cycled Through Multiple Times To Keep Gaining Strength
The program was easy to follow and understand. It was very simple to fit around my schedule. The program was challenging physically, but you have to expect that if you want to grow. Towards the end of the program I was able to set personal records in all three of my lifts!
— Danny Ramsey

6 Week Bench Press Program - $29.99 (Available In Store)

  • The Best Benching Program Out There for Powerlifters Looking to Improve Their Bench
  • Excellent Way For Athletes To Improve Upper Body Strength & Power!
  • Jam Packed with Advanced Techniques and Strategically Placed Exercises
  • Will Not Find a Better Value For Such an Effective Bench Routine!

2nd Bench Day Solution - $24.99 (Available In Store)

  • Includes FIVE Different Bench Programs To Add To Your Current Routine
  • Add Frequency To Your Benching
  • Works In Unison With Your Current Training Program (5/3/1, Westside, etc)
  • Valuable Information Included On How To Work Your Weak Points 

Programs are designed to fit your lifestyle and goals. Training shouldn't be a chore and we won't make it one. Special programs are available for Powerlifting Meet Prep, and Raw & Equipped Bench Pressing

Nick is an awesome coach who can help you no matter where you are in the world. Through following the program I saw results pretty quickly. When sending him videos, he was quick and prompt with his responses, and he would always have a mountain of feedback. In just 6 weeks, I put 15 lbs on my bench which is really awesome and I can’t thank the big guy enough!
— Josh Pywell
I’ve been battling back from injury for about 3 - 4 months now, committed to getting back on the platform. I’m often discouraged at how much strength I lost in the last two years of surgeries and almost 16 - 17 months of no barbell benching as a result. I tried different programs and nothing was keeping me motivated or showing results without relapsed shoulder pain, discomfort, and setbacks. Until now! Ben’s program has me feeling like my old self and strong again. Can’t thank Ben enough! Looking forward to seeing where this goes with him in my corner!
— Jason Polonsky
Not only does Coach Ben pay close attention to detail but he utilizes various exercises to help strengthen the bench press. He’s constantly staying current with bench training innovation and implements what he learns in training his clients to optimize their full bench press potential
— Alec Hansen
When I decided to do this meet I had a goal of a 1300 lb total. Benny believed we could reach that goal and then some. I’ve had programming before and it was nothing like this. The constant support via chat, weekly check in’s, and video critiques are exactly what I wanted in a coaching program. So I sent videos which he watched and offered his input on the good and bad points, we discussed how the previous week went during a weekly check in and made changes as needed, and I sent him messages when I needed a quick answer to something. During this prep I had a few doubts but Benny was quick to get those out of my head and help me refocus. My favorite part was his assistance at the meet. I was impressed that he traveled on his own dime to support me. He had all my openers written down with possible attempts. He had extra equipment in case it was needed. And helped warm up/load weights on the bar. Let me tell you this guy knows how to wrap knees! His wrapping led me to a 25lb PR in squat! I would truly recommend Big Benchas to anyone serious about making progress in powerlifting. Thanks again!
— Jason Roath
When I first met Nick, I can honestly say that I had never lifted anything heavy in my life. Two months later I’m a world champion, hold 2 RPS world records for deadlift and squat and I have an amazing trophy that I worked hard to earn. Nick is a consummate professional whose positivity, confidence and unwavering belief in me had me setting new PR’s routinely. I can’t thank him enough for his guidance, training and support. I now look forward to future powerlifting competitions
— Justin Klenosky, RPS Masters World Record Holder
I have been working with Benny since I decided to get into powerlifting from a functional fitness background. He has been a tremendous help in keeping me focused and progressing to achieve my goals. I know come meet day that Nick will be there to support me and make sure that I am prepared physically and mentally to do my best.
— Sean Queller, Owner Mt. Sinai Crossfit
The programing has been awesome. Took a little to address some issues but I felt like they have been attacked quickly by constant revisions. Benny’s online coaching style has changed my views on online coaching in a major way. Monday through Sunday he has always responded to my videos, came up with new exercises targeting things he’s seen in my vids, all around great experience and highly recommended for anyone
— Patrick Mackey
Before I got on Nick’s program I maxed out on Bench at 95 lbs, Deadlift at 205 lbs, and Squat at 155 lbs. With the help of Nick’s great coaching and programs those numbers soon became my warm up weights
— Daniel Ramsey, Easthampton High School Basketball
When Nick first became my coach I was four weeks out from my second powerlifting meet and could not touch anything above 225 lbs on the squat. My coach at the time and I could not figure out why I was struggling so much. After just watching my warm ups Nick knew exactly what was going wrong. I took too wide of a stance, I was leaning forward when I hit depth, I was just a mess. That day Nick worked with me and I went for a max and just kept pushing until I hit 270 lbs. All it took was 2 hours with Nick and my squatting improved drastically, taking away all my worries for the meet. Nick continued to work with me to improve my overall strength, bench, and deadlift. He is a very talented coach who actually cares about the people he is working with. Nick helped make me the lifter I am today and I would recommend him to anyone!
— Jordan Burt, Nationally Ranked Powerlifter, RPS Teen Record Holder
I started working out again at 34 years old after a long lay off. Focusing on the 3 major lifts I had immediate success with my deadlift and always felt confident with that specific lift. I was shocked that I was having so much difficulty with my squat. I wasn’t able to squat more than 135 lbs because of poor technique and constantly being on my toes (instead of my heels). I was becoming discouraged because as a former football player and wrestler, I never lacked power from the lower half of my body. While squatting at the gym one morning I noticed Nick looking over my stance and he began making a few suggestions about widening my stance and pointing my toes straight. As soon as I made the adjustments that Nick recommended it made a world of difference. I was able to add 100 lbs to my squat within 20 minutes of Nick’s input!! Nick is always very supportive of everyone in the gym and his enthusiasm is contagious. I’m glad to call him my friend as well as my coach. I can’t wait to pick his brain to start improving my bench!
— Gregory Nardone, Competitive Powerlifter, Father & Husband
If you’re interested in lifting heavy weight and exposing yourself to the sport of powerlifting, I don’t know any better person to coach you than Nick. His passion, drive, and focus to grow stronger and educate others inspires me to lift heavy as often as I can. I may not be a powerlifter but all my questions and education on the matter have been answered by Nick. I respect an athlete who is willing to study the books, but Nick puts in the work as well! He is the guy in the gym smashing heavy weight making loud noises letting everyone know he’s there. You want to increase your bench or squat, look no further than Nick!
— Alex Leboeuf, Owner Hybrid Strength & Conditioning
Nick is one of the best trainers I know. He has worked with the best and it shows in his work. He has shown me a lot over the years and is always willing to help me find new ways to destroy new PR’s and make my old ones warm ups!
— Alex Pompei, ISSA Personal Trainer, Pompei Fitness
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