Larry Williams - All Time Powerlifting 242 lb Record Holder

Larry Williams - All Time Powerlifting 242 lb Record Holder

What is FST™? It is a manual therapy method that combines different therapeutic practices into one very effective approach to enhance range of motion in the body. FST™ is more than just stretching muscles, it targets the entire fascial nets within the body as well as the joint capsules, which is a piece many practices are missing

What is required of you? Nothing but lending your body to relaxation upon the therapy table and allowing myself, the practitioner, to gently stretch you. It is a very freeing experience in which you will feel tissue tightness slowly melt away

What will this therapy do for you? You will drastically reduce muscular tension within the body, allowing you to move and feel better. As a result many aches and pains will likely disappear within a few sessions. With your new range of motion you will develop a greater sense of body awareness and improve your posture. The greatest benefit of all for you is the major performance benefits you will see within your sport and daily activity, not to mention a big decrease in injury potential

Ray Williams - 1052 lb Squat World Record Holder

Ray Williams - 1052 lb Squat World Record Holder

FST™ Packages

Private FST™ available. Can travel to various locations. Please contact for more details

Single Session - Half Hour $50 / Full Hour $100

Bi Weekly - 2 Sessions (30 Min) / Month - $90 ($45/Session - $10 Savings!)

Month Package - 4 Sessions (30 Min) - $160 ($40/Session - $40 Savings!)

3 Month Package  - 12 Sessions (30 Min) - $420 ($35/Session - $180 Savings!!)

**Packages Include**

  • Regularly Scheduled FST™ Session
  • Access To Recovery Membership! (See Details Below)
  • FREE GIFT with referral for FST™ Package

Email to schedule an initial assessment and get started today!

Recurring Package Options
Single Session

Recovery Membership - $29.97 / Month


  • Comprehensive Self Stretching Routine 
  • Access to a growing library of over 80+ stretching & SMR video links
  • New video content every week
  • Mobility Assessment Done Every 4 Months
  • 1 FREE FST™ Session Every 4 Months! ($50 Value!)
  • Facebook Group Access - Growing Community! 
  • Weekly Check In & Recovery Coaching
  • Great option for those looking to decrease discomfort and increase mobility 


I have more range of motion in my bad knee now, minus the extreme pain I was feeling. I went for a few sessions and I always felt better right afterwards for many days later. Now I can go down my steps like a normal person again. Thanks Nick!
— Denise Gaglione
I am so happy I joined Gaglione Strength, not only am I getting stronger due to the coaching of Nick, but he is now helping me with my back issues. FST has helped me tremendously! I’m stronger not only in the gym but at home doing things I normally wouldn’t. I can’t say enough, he definitely knows what he is doing. I look forward to my next session!
— Carole Kay
Benny is an amazing coach and does a great job running his FST program. Between his at home program and weekly videos he posts each week you are sure to improve your flexibility on your own. However, his private sessions with you are the best! Benny focuses on your problem areas and improves your range of motion. I am so happy I started the program with him, and I encourage you to give it a try!
— Meghan Mccafferty
Benny and the FST program has been a tremendous help. In the past I’ve had hip and back tightness that would cause issues with my lifts. Over the course of a few weeks my range of motion had greatly increased. Everything from normal range of motion to my lifting sessions have felt great. I look forward to seeing more improvement in the future.
— Tom Altschuler
Nick targets places I didn’t even know we should be stretching, and wouldn’t be able to stretch on my own. I thought the benefit I would get out of his sessions would be just deeper stretches, but as I see now it is so much more, it is different, comprehensive, and balanced. Probably most important, the sessions have given me more awareness of how I should feel after a proper stretch. Also what I like about Nick is that he is strong, but also gentle so you feel you are getting a great stretch but you’re not getting injured from the stretch. Some stretches can potentially be harming if not done right, or pointless if not done well. Nick has a very good balance of strength and effectiveness. Finally, I really enjoy my 30 minutes with Nick because he is a really nice guy and a pleasant conversationalist, which makes the sessions all the more relaxing
— Beth DeVito
I have been an FST client of Benny’s for three months now and have experienced benefits in flexibility, posture, and injury rehabilitation. I have noticed the largest increases in range of motion in joints and muscles which tend to be chronically tight for me, in particular my hip region and hamstrings. Just before I started FST, I strained my back doing a conventional deadlift and noticed that the FST sessions markedly decreased the tight and achy feeling I had. I’m now at the point where my back feels normal again. I would recommend Benny without reservation.
— James Davis
From the first session I realized how tight I was in my legs and upper body. A few months with Benny has given me increased mobility in all areas. The home stretching routine has been great and using the stretch library to attack something that’s feeling tight or sore that day is a nice addition as well. FST with Benny has helped in more than just one aspect and I look forward to continue the progress
— Steve Wasik
I had to figure out a way to get better with my deadlift and squat. Benny gave me a list of self stretches. Everyday I stretched religiously for weeks. After some time my range of motion got better. I started doing real well in deadlifts and finally stopped depending on the box to be able to squat with a barbell. Thanks to Benny and FST I have no doubt that eventually I’ll be 100%
— Darpan Ghai
I’ve been seeing Coach Benny for FST for a few months. Mostly to keep my flexibility. But in the past week I’ve really been having problems and pain with my hips and IT Band. Benny adapted our session and was able to really focus in on the changes and work out the issues I have developed. After the session I was able to lay on my side and my sleeping was so much better. The next session he was able to release things further and I’m feeling so much better. I will definitely be continuing to see him for more work so I can get back to 100%!
— Michelle DeStefano
Since Benny is pretty newly-certified in FST, I was slightly hesitant going into it. Working at a physical therapy clinic myself, I’m always overly worried about injuries! But after the first session, I had 100% trust in him. Benny is always very careful to ask if anything is bothering you more than usual, etc. He is also great at maintaining communication and reading your facial expressions while stretching you, which I think is really important. Get stretched by Benny!!! You won’t regret it
— Molly Ripp
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