Benefits of Banded Distraction

Stretching is great! Stretching allows you to make gains in range of motion which keeps your body moving correctly and performing at high levels. Reaching new levels in range of motion can increase your potential to gain strength almost instantly. Stretching does a great job of restoring the fascia of the body to normal length

One way to increase the effectiveness of your stretching routine is to add banded distraction. By having a band pulling on the joint you're trying to stretch around, you are adding an additional tractioning element on the joint capsule. The joint capsule contributes to about 47% of the total tightness in the body. It is often compressed, stiff, and unwilling to allow movement to occur. Freeing up the tight angry tissue in the joint capsule can instantly improve your range of motion

A bands pull is almost like having a manual therapist working on you while you stretch. The band is freeing up space in the joint, allowing those tissues to relax and release a bit. It is a simple thing to add into your routine and can take your stretching to the next level

Here are some of my favorite ways to utilize banded distraction on the hips

Hip Flexor Stretch

Pigeon Pose

Glute Medius/Hip Abductor Stretch

Hip Abduction Lunge