Pain Relief Ointments

There are a lot of pain relief ointments out there such as Icy Hot and Biofreeze, but I wanted to talk about some of the good stuff. Big mammals need big heat, which is why at Gaglione Strength we only use the finest veterinary grade blends. If it works on horses it might work for us 

The other day I used something new on my neck while I benched. I forgot to stretch out my neck and the way I set up really puts strain on my tight tissue in the neck/traps region. So I grabbed some "Blue Heat". I was pleasantly surprised that it provided an instantaneous effect from the moment I put it on. It was a nice heat that distracted me a bit from the area while I did a little soft tissue work and stretching between sets

The heat I initially experienced turned to a cooling sensation within 10 minutes or so. I can best describe it as the feeling of Icy Hot, but reversed. It began as heat and felt like it cooled the area as time went on. Unfortunately, this product only lasted about 30 minutes until I didn't feel it anymore. It worked long enough for me to work out the kinks a bit. I'd suggest using this product if you're coming into the gym with aches and pains, it will distract you from the area until you're able to warm up and loosen up before training

Another product I like is Equi-Block. Another veterinary product designed for horses, this also provides great heat for people. Typical human products are designed to provide light heat but as a powerlifter we have a much higher pain tolerance, therefore light heat will literally do nothing to distract us from our aches. Equi-Block provides the heat needed to work effectively on an area and it works much longer than the Blue Heat. Equi-Block works for over an hour. The only downside with this one is that it takes a while to kick in to peak heat. It could take up to a half hour before the heat is really there. My main sets might already be over. You need to apply this early. It also activates as you sweat. If you aren't sweating or generating body heat you will not get much out of this

I'm kind of interested in experimenting with combining the two somehow because they compliment each other so well. The Blue Heat kickstarts the relief, and right when the effects of the blue heat end, the Equi-Block kicks in hard. It sounds like a great theory in combo. Whether or not it works, I am not sure as of yet

Another product I have used before is called Florida's Best Athletic Pain Relief. This is some expensive ointment and comes in two stages. The regular cream and the amplifier cream you apply 5-10 minutes after the first. Whether or not it is just placebo, I have used this regularly on injured areas and I'd like to believe it helps the recovery process. Ultimately rest is what heals the best but if you're in a decent amount of pain this won't hurt in giving you relief and helping you rest more effectively

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