Compression Bands for Tissue Relief - Fix It Friday

The Problem - Tissue/Joint Discomfort 

We all have those annoying pains and aches from training that always seem to spur up at the worse times. It is actually the result of fascia shortening up over time and developing scar tissue from small micro tears that add up over years of training. Many times when you lack proper mobility for a particular position your body compensates in other areas and those other areas is what causes you pain

You might experience symptoms such as nagging elbow, knee, or shoulder joint discomfort, perhaps even localized areas of tissue such as bicep pain or forearm tightness. They could bother you 24/7 or they could spur up and intensify when you begin training. Luckily there is a solution to solving some of your discomfort 

The Fix - Compression

By using compression bands such as Rogue Fitness Voodoo Floss, or Elite FTS Compression Bands you can temporarily release the tightness and discomfort you are feeling. When you use these tools on the localized area of discomfort it gives you a sense of relief, often taking away any pain you were feeling beforehand. Many say the effects can last up to 30 minutes. Unfortunately, unless the issue is addressed through myofascial release and fascia stretching then the discomfort will likely return. The relief is nice to have though during a time when you need to concentrate on training effectively

When you use these bands you want to wrap them semi-tightly around the area that is uncomfortable. For example if your elbow is bothering you, cover the entire elbow joint in the wrap and wrap tighter on the specific side and spot that is bothering you the most. The wraps should restrict blood flow but not be so tight that you instantly go numb. They work by compressing the joint and allowing all the tight angry tissue to finally get some breathing room. The feeling is instantaneous relief and after you take the bands off the rush of blood to the area is great for recovery. Leave the wraps on for a good 2-3 minutes before taking them off

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