Motivation Monday - Consistency

Strength training is a game of consistency. To become great at lifting or even to see your body change, it is a time investment. We live in an "I want now" type of world, nobody is willing to put forth the long effort to obtain what they want. If you worked your ass off and saved money for years to buy a car you loved it would hold so much more value to you than if you were just handed it by your parents. That is the type of hard work earnings we don't see as much of today. The same applies to your lifting, except nobody can bail you out of the hard work ahead. The only way to obtain the strength and looks you desire is to dedicate yourself to the process.

It is a long road, and I won't sit here and tell you that it's easy. You will most definitely suffer set backs and hardships. Some days you will question the process, you will give anything to skip a workout, BUT... if you hold strong and stay focused then there is no doubt in my mind you can and WILL obtain your goals. It is the only way to get ahead in the strength game. There are no shortcuts. Nobody can wake up at 5am for you and do your workouts. That is what makes the end result one of the most rewarding feelings imaginable. You EARNED it. You put in the work and you earned it. Nobody gave it to you. That's what keeps you pushing for more.

The consistent ones get ahead while the others fall off. Someone could have the greatest month of training in their life but then they fall off for a month. Well the person that spent all 2 months consistently training will get ahead. Now imagine you put that into a larger time frame. Spend 10 years consistently training and you won't even believe the amazing things you can accomplish. It starts one year at a time, one session at a time, one set at a time. It is a cumulative effect of all your hard work.

If you have just started strength training and are beginning to become frustrated with stagnated results, just realize that in the grand scheme of things you haven't done anything yet. You have a good start but you aren't even scratching at the surface of your ultimate goals yet. It takes time! Don't get frustrated. Instead just buckle down and brace yourself for a ride. If it was easy everyone would do it. It isn't easy so just by dedicating yourself to training you are already ahead of 95% of the populous. Embrace the process and enjoy the journey, and remember that nobody can go on this journey for you, it is your goals and your quest. You and you alone, with a little help along the way by some good people of course.

So keep plugging away. Don't feel bad if you miss a workout or two, just shake it off and get back to it. Don't scold yourself when you feel like you hate training, it doesn't have to be fun all the time. We do it because we know we have to. We have to push through the bad days and enjoy the good days. Down the road it is always worth it. Nobody regrets putting in the hard work, everybody regrets when they don't. Leave no regrets and show up ready to work! 

Be a more consistent version of you!

-Coach Ben