Fix It Friday - Weak Off Chest On Bench

The Problem - Weak Off The Chest On Bench

This is the most common issue for a raw bencher and an issue that's plagued me for a long time. It is definitely a topic I will be covering more in the future because there are so many ways to build strength to combat this, too many ways to cover in one post. Today I want to share 2 effective ways to build strength off the chest that I've used very recently to take my raw bench from 340 to 370

The Fix - Partial ROM Benching & Extended ROM Benching

If you have a hard time generating force off the chest, there are two very effective ways to build this up. You can spend more time benching in this range of motion with partial reps, or you can use extended range of motion techniques with specialty bars. Both of which I have used this offseason to add 30 lbs to my raw bench

An exercise I have grown to like a lot is the partial range bench. With this exercise I stay pretty flat to the bench, I do not use my competition arch. I also take a closer grip on the bar to go beyond my usual shoulder joint ROM. I will take the bar to my chest and explode an inch or inch and a half off the chest before I continue for another rep. You never come close to full extension. This allows all the tension to stay in your weakest area of the bench press. I will do these with about 65-70% 1RM weight for 4-5 sets of 8 and I will move as fast as I can while staying controlled

Another technique I have used with much success is the extended ROM bench. For this I use a Buffalo/Duffalo bar, or some type of cambered bar. The bar should have about a 2 inch curve to it. When you bench, the curve will allow you to reach a greater ROM than you would otherwise with a straight bar. Make sure you pay close attention to staying tight on the chest and exploding off of the chest. These are great to do with pauses

Using these two techniques you will soon see your raw bench press get stronger!

- Coach Ben