Fix It Friday - Low Back Pain While Benching

The Problem - Low Back Pain While Benching

Often times when people start experimenting with a larger arch on the bench they start to feel low back pain. It is important to understand that the cause of this pain is not because of the arch itself

A proper bench arch can drastically cut range of motion on the bench and lead to much more favorable leverages for a big press. I like to see everyone expand their chest as high as possible and pull their hips in towards their shoulders as much as they can

The reason the arch can lead to low back pain is because you are loose in the lower half of your body. They key to benching big and staying injury free is tightness!

The Fix - Push Out on the Floor and Tighten the Glutes!

Simple as that, the reason you are experiencing pain is because you are pressing from a loose position. If you want the pain to go away, push out on the floor like you are trying to slide yourself off the bench head first and squeeze those glutes!

I guarantee that if your low back pain is a result of your arch, then this fix will solve the problem. If you are still experiencing pain then it is likely a result of something else, not because of your bench arch. Re-asses why you are experiencing that pain or I recommend seeking the help of a qualified physical therapist

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- Coach Ben