Chain Flys To Build a Big Bench & Spark Recovery

Chain Flys are a great variation to traditional dumbbell flys. Here I am demonstrating the exercise with 3 chains in each hand. Don't be afraid to load this exercise up with weight. As your arms are lowered, the chains are deloading making for a safe and effective stretch of the chest. As your arms come closer the chain is adding weight to the movement, making the top end the heaviest portion of the lift

There is debate whether or not chains are effective for bringing up the bench and I say there is definitely a small carry over to a big bench. Try this fly variation and tell me you don't think you are getting a great training effect, these bad boys pump you up and make you work! 

These can also be used to enhance recovery in between bench sessions during the week or after a big bench session. This exercise does a great job of promoting blood flow therefore creating an environment in the body that is awesome at rebuilding muscle tissue. I personally use these on my bench recovery day which is scheduled in between a heavy bench session at the beginning of the week and a high volume bench session at the end of the week