Welcome to Bigbenchas.com!

               As noted on the home page this brand is a combination of my love for helping people live stronger, healthier lives through strength coaching as well as benching big weight! I want to thank each of you for checking out the new website and showing your support. My hopes for The Bench Blog is to be your source for education and motivation on all things strength training, athletic enhancement, and bench press related. Not to mention we will also offer some kick ass apparel for all you big bench lovers like myself and supporters of the brand. The first shirt design is out now. The Big Benchas Leg Bench T Shirt! Its not a squat, its a leg bench!

               Again, I want to thank you so much for checking out the site and blog! I truly want to make an impact on peoples lives and leave this world just a little bit stronger. With your support I know we can achieve this together. If you'd like to support the brand, the biggest thing you could possibly do is share with friends. A simple share can go a long way and is appreciated more than you'll know

               Bringing you consistent quality content is my number one goal. The Bench Blog will feature posts on monday, wednesday, and friday, as well as articles and guest blogs on the weekend. I want to feature writing of other great athletes besides myself. A different perspective on topics is always welcome and I plan to bring you a variety of writing styles and strength expertise's

               Monday we will feature a Monday Motivation post where the goal is to inspire you to take action! Whether it be setting new goals, achieving old goals, or looking at things in a new perspective. I want these posts to question the way you view things and inspire you to do great things

               Wednesday is Big Bench Routine Wednesday! I will be posting small routines to not only get you benching BIG weights but also helping your other power lifts. This day is all about the art of programming and gaining strength. I think this day will interest you in many ways, stay tuned!

               Friday is Fix It Friday! I will point out a common flaw often seen in one's lifts. I will then explain how you can fix that issue. This day will get you lifting more efficiently and safely, therefore skyrocketing your strength levels to new heights! Some fixes are more simple than you think and if I've learned one thing in my experience powerlifting and coaching it is that the smallest adjustments can make the biggest differences

               Either saturday or sunday I will post a slightly longer article which can cover a wide array of strength topics. Not only will I be writing on The Bench Blog but I will also be featuring other strength coaches and athletes who will bring a refreshing quality to the posts and also educate you on topics outside of my specialty

               Throughout the week as I see fit I will sometimes throw up additional content to The Bench Blog. Small blurbs or anything on my mind that I think can help you become a better lifter, athlete, or person. Not to mention a Big Bencha! 

               I have been coaching and powerlifting for many years now and am currently coaching out of one of the strongest gyms in the US, Gaglione Strength. Home to numerous nationally ranked lifters and elite level athletes. I am offering online coaching and am currently taking on clients at very cost friendly pricing. Please contact me at benerakisstrength@gmail.com to request an assessment

               I hope you enjoy the brand and The Bench Blog! Don't forget to get the new awesome shirts everyone is wearing on squat day, the Leg Bench T Shirts! Cheap competitive pricing for a top quality shirt. They look awesome and I can't wait to see people hitting PR's in them! 

Lets Bench Big together!

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- Coach Benerakis